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Nir Segal

Born 1980 in Israel, lives and works in London.

Nir Segal completed his PhD studies at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. He completed his BA studies in 2008 at the Slade School of Fine Art in London and his MFA Studies in 2012 at the Bezalel Academy of the Arts in Jerusalem. Until the last few years, Segal employed techniques working with textile, oil cloth and digital print. In recent years he has been focusing on conceptual, research based and performative works. Segal’s solo shows include Bangkok University Gallery and the National Gallery of Bangkok, as well as Macondo Hoxton Square in London and the Artist Residence Gallery in Herzliya. Segal also took part in numerous group shows, including the 3rd Herzelia Biennale, CCA Tel Aviv, Ashdod Museum, Gutman Museum in Tel Aviv, ZZIK Gallery in Munich, an outdoor sculpture as part of an off site exhibition in Venice, the House with the Eye in Büyükada, Turkey, and the Rivington Gallery in London. Segal was awarded an Overseas Research Scholarship and a Graduate Research Scholarship from UCL, London, and has participated in Outset Residency at Baker Street and in an artist in residency in Bangkok.


2014-2020 Practice-led PhD, UCL | Slade School of Fine Art, London, Great Britain

2012-2014 Diploma studies in Hebrew Culture, Alma Hebrew College, Tel Aviv

2010-2012 MFA, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel Aviv

2004-2008 BFA, UCL | Slade School of Fine Art, London, Great Britain

Solo Exhibitions

2021 What Water, a collaboration with Tal Alperstein, Raw-Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by: Maya Bamberger

2019 There is a Light that Never Goes Out, a collaboration with Eloise Fornieles, Raw-Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by: Leah Abir

2017 Untitled, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya, curated by: Aya Lurie

2016 Two Work, Raw-Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by: Leah Abir

2014 Gentle War, 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2011 Gifted, Artist Residence Gallery, Herzeliya, curated by: Varda Genosar

2010 Chair-ity, Apart-Art, Tel Aviv

2010 Sit You Ate, National Gallery Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

2009 Which Wait, Bangkok University Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2008 UNPRECIOUS, UCL | Slade School of Fine Art, London, Great Britain

2005 New Memories, (Hiechal HaTarbut" (culture center", Petach Tikva

2004 Dance Class – Midway of Creation, Ido Tadmor Studio, Tel Aviv

1998 Exhibition Number #1, Harry Gallery, Ramat Ha’sharon, Great Britain

Emotional Spaces, paintings, Macondo | Hoxton Square, London, Great Britain

Group Exhibitions

2021 Odds and Ends, Adalar Kültür Derneği, Büyükada, Istanbul

2021 Dubbing Absence, a collaboration with Miriam Naeh, The Israel Festival, Jerusalem

2020 Small Projects for Coming Communities, Srudio Bank, Tel Aviv

2020 One Minute Monitor Project, Bangkok University Gallery, Bangkok

2019 Raw Art, RawArt Gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by: Maya Bamberger

2018 Nof; Bringing the Outdoors In, Camden Market

2018 Thirst Day, a collaboration with Outset London, Somerset House, London

2018 The Fabric of Memory, a collaboration with Nuala Morse, Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicster

2017 Colour & Emotion, The Street Gallery, London

2017 Naked Theatre, a collaboration with Or Ben Ezra Segal, Outset Residency, London

2017 The Intercontinental, Roaming ROOM, Slade Doctoral Art-Research, London

2017 Free Cucumbers, a collaboration with Dr. Sarah Fortais and Eyal Jagermann, Outset Residency, London

2017 As It Stands: Unrefined, Muted, Abandoned, Hundred Years Gallery, London, Great Britain

2017 On the Verge, 12 Star Gallery, London

2016 Arka (Grace), Oded Shatil - Liberman 8 Gallery, Tel Aviv

2013 Artificial Islands, Ramle City Gallery, Ramle, curated by: Shahar Marcus

2013 Fresh Paint 6 | The Artists Greenhouse, The Israeli Art Fair, Tel Aviv

2013 Custom Made City, CCA, Tel Aviv, curated by: Gali Faber

2013 Monkey Bars, Benyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by: Shira Gapstein Moshkovitz

2012 No Wonder,, Hangar 2 | Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv

2012 Tom, Ramle City Gallery, Ramle, curated by: Shahar Marcus

2012 Cover, Ashdod Museum, Ashdod, curated by: Gali Faber

2011 Re-volution, Benyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv

2011 Playing with Fire, The New Gallery Institute of the Art, Bat Yam

2011 The Second Strike, Herzeliya Biennale, Herzeliya, curated by: Ori Dessau

2011 Göz Göze, Sabuncakis Mansion -The House with the Eye, Büyükada, Turkey, curated by: Zeren Göktan

2011 What is Interpreting Tradition?, Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv

2010 Salon des Refusés, Tel Aviv

2009 Secret Art, Tel Aviv, "A group exhibition sponsored by Bank "Leumi

2009 Fresh Paint 2, The Israeli Art Fair, Tel Aviv

2009 Mitsad Sheni, Lev Ha’ir, Herzeliya

2007 Stripped, Rivington Gallery, London, Great Britain

2007 Overtime, Macondo | Hoxton Square, London, Great Britain, A collaboration work with Anna Sikorska and Katy Kirbach

2007 The German Way, ZZIK Gallery, Munich, Germany

2006 Ups+Downs, Woburn Sq.| Slade, London, Great Britain, A collaborative work with Anna Sikorska

2005 Poles Apart Poles Together, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, An outdoor installation

Into the Space's Body, Givataim, A group documentation project

Grants & Awards

2017 Outset Residency at Baker Street, Outset Contemporary Art Fund, London, Great Britain

2014-2017 Overseas Research Scholarship, UCL, London, Great Britain

2014-2017 Graduate Research Scholarship, UCL, London, Great Britain

2009 Artist Residency | Visual Arts Department, University of Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

2008 Artist Residency | Slade Summer School, Slade School of Fine Art | UCL, London, Great Britain

2007 Label Design for The Australian Brand, The Wine Society in London, London, Great Britain

2006 Slade Project Award, Slade School of Fine Art | UCL, London, Great Britain


Bank Leumi Collection, Israel

Igal Ahouvi Collection, Israel

Mark Zilka Collection, Zurich, Switzerland

Sara Lahat Collection, Israel

Private collections