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Roy Menachem Markovich

Born 1979 in Israel, lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Roy Menachem Markovich makes haphazard realistic cinematography and ironically playful sculpture. His works humorously mimic the styles of genres such as candid camera, reality TV, and documentaries, as well as monuments and trophies. In his works, Markovich breaks down the components of various conventions by revealing the breaches between what is considered real or fake. In his sculptural environments, Markovich plays with the conventions of public, outdoor sculptures, producing small scale sculptures on a semi-heroic display. These downsized sculptures, which have a ridiculous unconvincing appearance, demonstrate that the original is no less absurd.

Markovich is a BFA graduate of Art at Beit Berl College. He has had solo exhibitions at venues such as RawArt Gallery in Tel Aviv, Klubovna Gallery in Brno, Bei Koc in Hannover, the Artists' Residence in Herzelyia, and Message Salon in Zurich. Markovich’s works have been shown in numerous group exhibitions around the world at venues such as the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, MeetFactory in Prague, the CCA in Tel Aviv, The Israeli Centre for Digital Art in Holon, Torrance Art Museum in Los Angeles, Arad Contemporary Art Center, Kunsthalle Faust in Hanover, the Tel Aviv University Art Gallery, as well as the Athens Biennale and the Tel Aviv Biennial. 

Markovich's works have been screened at Tate Modern, London, MACBA, Barcelona, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Centre for Contemporary Art, New Orleans, Eva - International Biennial of Visual Art, Limerick,  Redcat, Los Angeles, and Videographies festival in Liege, among others. 

He has participated in several residency programs, including Ida Schir, Hanover, Espace Croix Barngion, Toulouse, and Message Salon Embassy, Zurich. He was awarded The Advancement Art Award for most recent contemporary art by Kunst Zurich.



2003-2007 BFA, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl, Israel

Solo Exhibitions

2020 Third Party, Beit Uri and Rami Nehostan Museum, Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov Meuhad, curated by: Smadar Keren

2018 Mamadness, RawArt Gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by: Leah Abir

2017 Good Grief, The Artists Residence, Herzliya

2017 False Majeure, Klubovna Gallery, Czech Republic

2014 Tipat Mazal, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by: Nogah Davidson

2013 The Memorial Window, Message Salon@Perla Mode, Zurich, Switzerland

2013 Terrible Vacation, Message Salon@Perla Mode, Zurich, Switzerland

2013 Finissage, Bei Koc, Hannover, Germany

2013 And We Worked, Kunst 2013, Zurich, Switzerland

2012 Project Glamorous, The Meorav Vitrine, Tel Aviv

2011 Business as Usual, Be'eri Gallery, Kibbutz Be'eri

2010 To the Prestige Lounge, P13 Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany

2010 Lobby, Tmuna Theater Gallery, Tel Aviv

2008 Take Off, Julie.M Gallery, Tel Aviv

We Shall Overdraft, Message Salon@Perla Mode, Zurich, Switzerland

Group Exhibitions

2020 Desktop - Artists During COVID-19, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, curated by: Doron Rabina & Dalit Matatyahu

2019 MAYHEM, Kupferman Collection, Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot, curated by: Iddo Markus

2019 Ben Yehuda Strasse, Studio Bank, Tel Aviv, curated by: Hadas Kedar

2019 Curious Oranges, Circle1 Gallery, Berlin, Germany, curated by: Yoav Efrati and Alona Harpaz

2019 Drop Dead Funny, The Brno House of Arts, Brno, Czech Republic, curated by: Sally Haftel Nave

2019 Raw Art, RawArt Gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by: Maya Bamberger

2019 Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Artists' House, Tel Aviv, curated by: Nitza Perry

2019 Displacement, #19 Musrara Mix Festival, curated by: Vera Korman

2019 Ben Yehuda Strasse, StudioBank, Tel Aviv, curated by: Hadas Kedar

2018 MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Debrecen, Hungary

2017 Jubilee Year for Mizpor Arad, Arad Contemporary Art Center, Arad, curated by: Hadas Kedar

2016 The Yud Project, Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, California

2016 Art School, Helena Rubinstein pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv

2016 Woman Resources, Arad Contemporary Art Center, Arad

2016 The Sculpture Garden, The open University, Ra’anana

2015 Objectonomy, MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 Open House, Leipziggerstrasse 69, Berlin, Germany

2014 Kunst Art Fair, Zurich, Switzerland

2014 Muse, Inspiration week Festival, Hanover, Germany

2014 Dialog, KUBUS Municipal Gallery, Hanover, Germany

2014 The International Photography Festival, Rishon Le Zion

2013 Real Estate Plots, The New&Bad Gallery, Haifa

2013 The Memorial Window, Message Salon@Perla Mode, Zurich, Switzerland

2013 Anti – Anti, The Genia Schreiber & Michel Kikoïne University Gallery, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv

2013 Kunst Art Fair, Zurich, Switzerland

2013 Be My Guest, Ha'Agaf Gallery, Haifa

2013 Summer Exhibition, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2013 Schwerelos, Kunsthalle Faust, Hanover, Germany

2013 Crossing Space, Hotel De Inmigrantes" International Art Project, Kunsthalle Faust", Hanover, Germany

2012 2112, Artists House, Tel Aviv

2012 Promised Land, International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions, Tokyo, Japan

2012 Kongo, Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv

2012 Eden Passages, Eden Theatre, Tel Aviv

2012 Musrara Chaos, Musrara Mix Festival #12, Jerusalem

2012 Goldfish, ST-Art, Jaffa

2012 Deviants, The Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon

2012 Another Place, Ori Feinberg Projects, Tel Aviv

2012 Iran, Ha'Halalit Gallery, Tel Aviv

2012 Sculpture, Fracture, Ha'Halalit Gallery, Tel Aviv

2012 Fresh Paint 4, Tel Aviv

2012 ART LA, Los Angeles, California

2011-2014 THE MUSEUM PRESENTS ITSELF: Israeli Art from the Museum Collection, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, curated by: Ellen Ginton

2011 Echos of Echo, 4th Sochi International Winter Festival of Arts, Sochi, Russia

2011 Auto, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2011 The Specialists, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv

2011 With Hands and Feet, Torrance art museum, Los Angeles, California

2011 Transformers, Artplus hotel, Tel Aviv

2011 PoorSecco, Herzel 121 Gallery, Tel Aviv

2011 Lab Report, Shafdan, The wastewater institute, Rishon Le'Zion

2011 Blocking Percentage, Sapir collage Gallery, Sderot

2011 Preview Berlin Art Fair, Berlin, Germany

2010 Home Sweet Home, Factory of Culture, Berlin, Germany

2010 Overview, Haifa museum of Art, Haifa

2010 A Group Show, Sara Asperger Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2010 !You Fail, Periscope Project Space, Salzburg, Germany

2010 Home Sweet Home, Homebase project, Berlin, Germany

2010 Damage Control, Ha'Halalit Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010 About Games, Kav 16 Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010 Fresh Paint 3, Tel Aviv

2010 Smoke & Mirrors, Lightwell Gallery, Norman, Oklahoma

2010 Magic, Myths and Mutations, Pixxelpoint festival, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

2010 The Problem with the Horizon, An open space Exhibition on the Boardwalk of Bat Yam city, Bat Yam

2009 Btat_Crossings, Espace Croix Bragnon, Toulouse, France

2009 Feast Your Eyes, Darom Art Space, Tel Aviv

2009 Fresh Paint 2, Tel Aviv

2009 Gregor's Paradise, HBC, Berlin, Germany

2009 A Secret Show, Mani House, Tel Aviv

2009 Pixelpops, BolteLang Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2009 Art Digital 6: The Others, Mars Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2009 The 2nd Herzliya Biennial for Contemporary Art, Herzliya

2009 In Drawers, CCA\CSP Gallery, Tel Aviv

2009 Fucking Tourists, Remap2, Athens Biennale, Athens, Greece

2009 Standard Deviation, CCA, Tel Aviv

2008 Signs of Llife, Israel Museum, Anna Ticho House, Jerusalem

2008 The State’s Square, Aber Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2008 Videozone 4 - No Nonsense, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya

2008 Time is Out of Joint, ART TLV, The Tel Aviv Biennial, Tel Aviv

2008 Israeli Shots, Sara Asperger Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2007 Danny's House, .Michal 7 st, Tel Aviv

2007 Artic 9, Tel Aviv University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2007 Where? In Haifa, Art in Motion, public space exhibition, Haifa

2007 Name Disclosure, Haifa Art Institute, Haifa

2007 High Authority, Lilenblum 41 st. - alternative venue, Tel Aviv

2006 Emergency Festival, Tel Aviv


2018 The Video Art Stage, The Beer Sheva Short Film Festival, Beer Sheva

2016 The Wrong, Rebyte Gallery, London, Great Britian

2014 Videographies, Liege, Belgium

2014 Stations, Inbal Dance Theatre Company and Arts Centre, Tel Aviv

2014 Instants video Festival, marseille, France

2013 We Hate Our Village, Medienhaus Hanover and Message Salon@Perla Mode, Zurich, Switzeland

2013 Reinventing Bridge, The 4th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania

2012 Video Rover 3, Centre for Contemporary Art, New Orleans, Louisiana

2012 Video Rover 3, Nurture Art Gallery, New York City, New York

2012 Eva, International Biennial of Visual Art, Limerick City, Ireland

2012 It's Alive!, CCA, Tel Aviv

2012 Print Screen, Holon Cinematheque, Holon

2011 In Focus: The Humorous, Redcat, Los Angeles, California

2011 The Third Peel, OCCULTO FEST, Berlin

2010 Damage Control, MoBY - Museums of Bat Yam, Bat Yam

2010 Local Time 9, CCA, Tel Aviv

2010 Giguk 2010 video art festival, Giessen, Germany

2010 Past Continuous. Future Perfect, Simultan 6, Timisoara, Romania

2010 700IS, Reindeerland, Iceland

2010 The First Decade, Mofet Institute, Tel Aviv

2010 Trembling Time, Tate Modern, London, Great Britian

2009 Video.It, Torino, Italy

2009 Drap Art, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain

2009 Crosstalk Video Art Festival, Budapest, Hungary

2009 No No Cinema, MACBA, Barcelona, Spain

2008 3rd MISC Video & Performance Exhibition, NY Studio Gallery, New York City, New York

2008 Strange Screen7, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece

2007 Local Time 8, CCA, Tel Aviv

Grants & Awards

2019 Senior Video Artist, Ministry of Culture and Sport, Israel

2013 The Advancement Art Award for most recent contemporary art, (Kunst Zurich (presented by Message Salon, Zurich, Switzerland

2007 The Anonymous Exhibition Scholarship, Haifa University, Haifa

2007 The Julie.M Gallery Exhibition Award, The Julie.M Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2006-2007 America- Israel Cultural Foundation Sculpture\Drawing Scholarship, America- Israel Cultural Foundation, Tel Aviv

Residencies & Fellowships

2015 Message Salon Embassy, Zurich, Switzerland

2015 Art and Architecture, Arad Residency program, Arad

2013 Ida Schir Hanover, Schir Art Concepts, Hanover, Germany

2009 M-Future Residency Program, Shorgorod, Germany

2008 Btat_Crossings, Espace Croix Barngion, Toulouse, France

Selected Press

2019 Avi Pitchon, A review of MusraraMix Festival, Ha'aretz, 5.6.19, (Heb)

2018 Daniel Gorodenzik, A review of the solo show "Mamadnes", Telavivian, Tel Aviv, 1.4.18, (Heb)

2018 Shaul Setter, Jubilee Year for Mizpor Arad, Ha'aretz, Tel Aviv, 1.3.18, (Heb)

2017 Yuval Sa'ar, On his solo exhibition Good Grief, interview, Portfolio, 19.02.17, (Heb)

2017 Reut Barnea, On his solo exhibition Good Grief, interview, Calcalist, Tel Aviv, 15.02.17, (Heb)

2013 Galia Yahav, The Miniature Heroics of Roy Menachem Markovich, Ha'aretz, Tel Aviv, 6.12.13, (Heb)

2013 Smadar Shefi, On his work recently shown at "Real Estate Plots" group exhibition, HaHalon, Tel Aviv, 7.8.13, (Heb)

2013 Vardit Gross, On his work recently shown at "Anti-Anti" group exhibition, Y-net, Tel Aviv, 09.13, (Heb)

2012 Elli Armon Azoulay, In a Honey Trap, Studio Visit, Ha'aretz, Tel Aviv, 2.11.12, (Heb)

2012 Gideon Ofrat, Downloading Danziger, Warehouse Blog, Tel Aviv, 20.9.12, (Heb)

2009 Eitan Buganim, Art in a Minute, Time Out Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, 2.4.09, (Heb)

Boaz Goldberg, Music, Horizons, Curiosity, Diamonds, Jim & Tony, (Heb)




Selected Additional Projects

2014-2015 "Señor Sandwich", Sandwich hip-hop music, an ongoing project that combines edgy electronic booty beats with delicious sandwiches.

2010 "Family Bond", stage design, Heidelberg-Theater and Beit-Lessin Theater, Tel Aviv.

2007-2009 "Gym & Tony", a Hardcore Glam Pop Tel-Aviv based duo.

2013 "We Hate Our Village", Medienhaus Hanover and Message-Salon@Perla Mode, Zurich (Curating).

2009 "Deep South", Darom - Art Space, Tel Aviv (Curating).


Brandes Collections, Tel Aviv, Israel

Private collections