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Avi Nevo | Entanglement

March 14 - April 13, 2024

Solo Show: Avi Nevo

Matter overwhelms everything; its infinite essence does not recognize the boundaries of the image. In painting, vision is tactile. Gaze and matter lack distance even before the establishment of the image, and long before its naming, they have already been there in a hundred ways of touching. The painting cancels time. Early and late occur in it temporarily, mutually trained, always happening.

The painting reveals to us that the void and the space are matter; there are no spaces in between. The end is arbitrary, but even that fails to hold everything, to set the limit.


The Corinthian columns of the Parthenon, or an electronic particle collider, Doubting Thomas, and the anus of the Scapegoat are fragments across the flux of what there is.


What exists is not a metaphor. It is a color, a term, the action immersed in it, converging in the gaze. The orgy of color occurs within the infrastructure of any organization, revealing the mutual and chaotic depth of the order. An encounter happens on the axis of paint and brushstroke: an ancient instinct of vision, material being, and intentions crouching over hidden desires.


Like termites, we plug the loopholes of reality by building, erecting towers in the air. Our sophisticated construction processes are based on infinite coding: architectural structures, rituals, and language. Miraculously and sublimely, we maintain an equilibrium even over a gaping abyss. We use everything at our disposal: faith, thought, and understanding. We have always done that. This is who we are.


Text by Dr. Eran Erlich


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