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Haaretz chooses More Love Hours than Can Ever Be Repaid (Ch. 1) as one of the 5 best exhibitions of 2017 (Heb)

A review on James Unsworth's show 'Girth and Mirth', Uzi Tzur, Haaretz, 29.12.17 (Heb)

An interview with James Unsworth on 'Girth and Mirth', his solo show at RawArt Gallery, Hagit Peleg Rotem, Portfolio, 13.12.17 (Heb)

An interview with James Unsworth on 'Girth and Mirth', his solo show at RawArt Gallery, Anat Barzilai, Calcalist, 13.12.1

A review on the exhibition of Yaron Attar, Fahed Halabi and Dror Daum, Uzi Tzur, Haaretz, 9.11.17 (Heb)

Shaul Setter chooses the exhibitions we will talk about in the upcoming year - Haaretz, 19.9.17 (Heb)

A review on Ishai Shapira Kalter's solo show, "Yod", Shaul Setter - Haaretz, 12.10.17 (Heb) 

Amuse Magazine recommends Raw Art Gallery
A review on Aviv Benn's solo show "In the Land of No Emotions", Uzi Tzur, - Haaretz, 31.7.17 (Eng)

A review on Aviv Benn's solo show "In the Land of No Emotions", Uzi Tzur, - Haaretz, 31.7.17 (Heb)

Hadas Satt conversation with Orit Bulgaru, Erev Rav, 13.7.17 (in herbrew) 

Culture Trip chooses Raw Art Gallery as one of the top art galleries in Tel Aviv

 A review on the group show "More Love Hours than Can Ever Be Repaid" - Haaretz, 1.6.17 (Heb)

A review on Eran Wolkowski's solo show "Rooms" - Haaretz, 1.3.17 (Heb)

A review on Roy Menachem Markovich's solo show at The Artists Residence Herzliya - Calcalist, 15.2.17 (Heb)

A review on Noa Yafe's solo show "The Perfect Crime" At the CCA - Haaretz, 20.2.17 (Heb)

A review on solo showKeren Gueller  "Florence Syndrome" - Marie Shek, i24 News (French)

A review on Keren Gueller's exhibition by Keren Goldberg, Erev Rav,19.12.16 (Heb)

An interview with Keren Gueller about her exhibition "Florence Syndrome", Calcalist, 19.12.16 (Heb)

A preview of Keren Gueller's solo show by Yonathan Mishal (Heb), 24.11.16 (Heb)

Leern Zur Kaspa on Megan Whitmar's solo show, The Intimate Edge, 12.11.16 (Eng)

A review on Noa Yafe's solo exhibition by Avi Pitchon, Haaratz, 5.10.16 (Heb)

A short review on Noa Yefe's exhibition "The Shadow", Blouin Artinfo, 21.9.16 (Eng)

An interview with Noa Yafe about her exhibition "The Shadow", TimeOut, 21.9.16 (Heb)

A review on Fahed Halabi's exhibition One More Round by Galia Yahav, Haaretz, 11.8.16 (Heb)

A preview of Fahed Halabi's exhibition One More Round by Eitan Buganim, 4.8.16 (Heb)

An interview with Fahed Halabi about his exhibition One More Round by Meital Raz, TimeOut, 3.8.16 (Heb)

An interview with Lali Fruheling on her solo exhibition Siren, Sharon Kantor, TimeOut Tel Aviv, 13.6.16

A review on Yaara Zach's exhibition In  byDaylight Uzi Zur, Haaretz, 8.4.16

A review on Russian Tail features Ruven Kuperman, Galis Yahav, Haaretz, 5.4.16

A review on Nir Segal's exhibition "Two Work" by Galia Yahav, Haaretz, 1.3.16 (Heb)

An interview with Nir Segal about his exhibition "Two Work", Hagit Peleg Rotem, Portfolio Magazine, Febuary 2016 (Heb)

A review on Boyan'n exhibition "The Balloon Catcher" by Galia Yahav, Haaretz, 31.12.15 (Eng)

A review on Boyan'n exhibition "The Balloon Catcher" by Galia Yahav, Haaretz, 22.12.15 (Heb)

Eitan Buganim on Boyan's exhibition "The Balloon Catcher" at Haarezt (Heb)

Dana Gillerman on Boyan's exhibition "The Balloon Catcher" at Yediot Ahronot (Heb)  

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We Hereby Declare
The awardee exhibition of the 2016 Ministry of Culture Awards for Art and Design
featuring Jonathan Hirschfeld and Ruven Kuperman

MoBY: Museums of Bat Yam

Opening: 27.12.17


Breaking Balance

Group exhibition featuring Hadas Satt and Yaron Attar

curated by Sally Haftel Naveh
Hit Gallery, Bratislava
28.11.17 - 25.1.18


Congratulations to the wonderful Noa Yafe and Yaara Zach for receiving this year's Artis Project Grants!

Roy Menachem Markovich
Jubilee Year for Mizpor Arad
Group exhibition, curated by Hadas Kedar
Sharon Glazberd
Mobile Museum
Opening: December 2
Yaron Attar
Current Affairs
Group exhibition curated by Doron Rabina
Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
Group Exhibition at Galerie Charlot, Jaffa
2.11.17 - 24.2.18
Hadas Satt
Group exhibition at Manofim Festival, Jerusalem
24.10.17 - 16.3.18
Ruven Kuperman
Group exhibition 
Curated by Raya Agam and Israel Rabinovitch
The Mofet Institute, Tel Aviv

Opening: 23.11.17

Yaara Zach

Congratulations for receiving this year Asylum Arts Grant!!

Spreading Out
Group exhibition
Basis (Base) School of Arts and Culture, Herzliya
Exhibition opening:8.9.17


Group exhibition during Miami Art Basel Week
Alfa Gallery, Miami, Florida
1.12.2017 - 5.3.2017


Megan Whitmarsh

Group exhibition
Taubman Museum of Art, Virginia

Noa Yaffe
Noa Yaffe's work The Shooting was purchased to Tel Aviv Museum collection
Noa Yaffe's work The Stairwell was purchased to the Israel Museum collection

Noam Toran

Tutor and speaker at the Open Set Lab Memories of the Future
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the St. Joost Master Institute in Den Bosch Open from 30 June 2017 September 2017 - January 2018

Studio ZZM
Exhibition programme of presentations, workshops, lectures and discussions
Zuiderzee Museum
Open from 30 June 2017


Nir Segal

Colour & Emotion

Group exhibition

The Street Gallery, London

January 11 - February 21, 2018

Art Fairs


Art Market Budapest, 12-15.10.17, Budapest




installation view, Art Market Budapest, 12-15.10.17

Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv 28.3.17 - 1.4.17

The Finger - a special project in collaboration with Raster Gallery featuring works by Yaron Attar, Zbigniew Libera, Przemek Matecki and Hadas Satt.


The Finger, installation view, Fresh Paint art fair, 28.3.17-1.4.17 (photo: Lena Gomon)

Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv, 4.11.14-8.11.14
Yoram Kupermintz's solo-exhibition, "Heaven" at Fresh Paint Art Fair. 04/11-08/11/14
Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv
Solo Project 2012 Art Fair in Basel, Switzerland.
Solo Project - Presentation
Solo Project - Exhibition Text
Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv
Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv
Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv
Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv
Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv