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A review of Doron Brachfeld's solo exhibition Iron, Ouzi Zur, Haaretz, 16.03.2022 (Heb)

An interview with Noa Yafe about her solo exhibition White Feather, Inbal Cohen Hamo, Portfolio, 29.01.2022 (Heb)

A review of Noa Yafe's solo exhibition White Feather, Avi Pitchon, Haaretz, 7.1.2022 (Heb)

An interview with Nir Segal & Tal Alperstein about their duo exhibition What Water, Dar Moussafir, ynet, 13.10.2021 (Heb)

A review of Nir Segal & Tal Alperstain's duo exhibition What Water, Gilad Melzer, Haaretz, 22.09.2021 (Heb) 

A review of Dov Heller's solo exhibtion Nirim, Smadar Sheffi, The Window, 3.2.2021 (Heb) 

A review of Sharon Glazberg's solo exhibition, Smadar Sheffi, Glz, 10.03.2021 (Audio, Heb)

The Deluge after her: Sharon Glazberg floats over Covid's stormy water", Hagit Peleg Rotem, Portfolio, 07.04.2021 (Heb)"

"Sharon Glazberg and the temple of polystyrene: when mythology and dreams join in an apocalyptic vision", Avi Pitchon, Haaretz, 02.04.2021 (Heb)

 "He's timeless. He was here before us.", Naama Riba. Gallery Magazine, 8.2.2021, (Heb)

 A conversation with Ruven Kuperman, Hagit Peleg Rotem. Portfolio, 24.12.2020, (Heb)

Ernie, where's Bert?, Ouzi Zur, Haaretz, 16,11,2020, (Heb)

Sagie Azoulay attempts to imbue Sesame Street with sorrow, Joy Bernard, Portfolio, 4.10.2020, (Heb)

"One Eye Shut | The Joys of Painting," Ouzi Zur, Haaretz, 10.8.2020 (Heb)

"Eran Wolkowski: Like a poet who dreams his verses," Hagit Peleg Rotem, Portfolio, 5.8.2020, (Heb)

"The Day After? Weekend Recommendations 2-4.7," Talking Art TLV, 1.7.2020 (Heb)

"Now that we're open: the 9 most recommended exhibitions," Dar Moussafir, Uncoated Magazine, 30.6.2020 (Heb)

"Returning to the galleries: What's happening // Noga Farchy," Portfolio, 8.5.2020 (Heb)

"You Are Safe: Maya Perry creates a safe space during the days of Corona," Joy Bernard, Portfolio, 5.4.2020 (Heb)

"Maya Perry allows her audience to be vulnerable and honest," Avi Pitchon, Haaretz, 1.4.2020 (Heb)

"Drawing in the shadow of history - The art of David Duvshani," Hagay Hacohen, The Jerusalem Post, 17.3.2020 (Eng)

A review of Ester Schneider's solo exhibition "Rouge", Ouzi Zur, Haaretz, 4.2.2020 (Heb)

A review of the group exhibition "Raw Art", Avi Pitchon, Haaretz, 4.12.19 (Heb)

Aviv Benn at RawArt Gallery, Art Viewer, September 9, 2019 (Eng)

A review of Gםda Palekaitė's solo show "Legal Implications of a Dream", Shaul Setter, Haaretz, 16.01.19 (Heb)



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And the World was Pretty Wonderful | Shuttle Project


Ron Asulin | Netaly Aylon | Aniam Dery | David Duvshani | Noga Farchy | Dana Nechmad



Group Exhibition
Curator: Maya Bamberger

Gallery Talk: Friday 2.9.2022, 12:00



News from our gallery artists

David Duvshani
Yad | Solo Show
Almacén Gallery

opening: 30/12/21, 20:00

Curator: Lior Tamim


Hadas Satt
Sharon Glazberg

Ego Land | Group Exhibition
Gallery 51

18/11/21 - 26/01/22
Curator: Nitza Perry


Sagie Azoulay
Doe of the Dawn | New mural
Beit Hagefen Art Gallery
launched 11/12/21
Curator: Yael Messer


Ester Schneider
What Was Done and What Happened | Group Exhibition
Kupferman Collection
18/09/21 - 22/01/22
Curator: Tal Bechle

Artist Wall: small paper works
Currently on view at RawArt Showroom


Yaron Attar
Ester Schneider
Exorcizing  the West | Digital Group Exhibition
The Wrong Biennale
01/11/21 - 01/03/22
Curator: Jonathan Touitou


Yoram Kupermintz
Photomenta - Photography from the Mediterranean | Group Exhibition
21/09/21 - 03/22
Curator: Guy Raz


Dana Tannhauser & Yoav Fish
Yoav has finished Eco-Heart, a residency program at Art Cube Artists' Studio

Dana just started a residency program at A Studio of Your Own


Doron Brachfeld
Congratulations to Doron Brachfeld, who joined us and is now a new RawArt gallery artist. We're looking  forward to work with you!




Find Us



Art Fairs



Art Market Budapest




Installation View, Art Market Budapest, 12-15.10.17


Fresh Paint Art Fair 

Tel Aviv 



The Finger - a special project in collaboration with Raster Gallery featuring works by Yaron Attar, Zbigniew Libera, Przemek Matecki and Hadas Satt.


The finger, installation view, Fresh Paint art fair,

28.3.17-1.4.17 (photo: Lena Gomon)



Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv, 4.11.14-8.11.14
Yoram Kupermintz's solo-exhibition, "Heaven" at Fresh Paint Art Fair. 04/11-08/11/14


Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv


Solo Project 2012 Art Fair in Basel, Switzerland.
Solo Project - Presentation
Solo Project - Exhibition Text
Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv


Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv


Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv


Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv


Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv