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Carmel Ilan | New Works

September 03 - October 17, 2009

Carmel Ilan

I love old paper, especially pages that were touched and read and have history of their own. Each type of paper has its own character, its own smell, its own sound and its own colour.

I use encyclopedias, old books, magazines, or printed pages that have been discarded by their owners.
The creative process started by cutting a pile of old holiday magazines, with the idea of creating a self portrait. By cutting the varying rhythm one next to another, a rich world of new textures and colours was born.

The sculptured pieces join the earthiness of wood with the airiness of paper, focusing on the tension at the meeting point between the two. 

In today's rapidly changing technological world, a world where new replaces old before old ages, I find refuge in the slow and articulate meditative pace the work with the paper requires.

Initial responses to the work include surprise and curiosity, a step back and a closer look, in an attempt to figure out the texture, depth and weight of the image. Different angles reveal different colours and various details fade and reappear.

I am happy if someone pauses, even for a moment, to look at the work and wonder.

Carmel Ilan


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