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Collection's Protest

September 08 - October 07, 2023

Opening: Friday, September 8, 12:00  



Paricipating Artists: 

Sagie Azulay, Netaly Ayalon, Leora Alexander, Ron Asulin, Aviv Atzili, Boyan, Eitan Buganim, Dana Brown, Doron Brachfeld, Nitza Genosar, Keren Gueller, Salvador Dalí, David Duvshani, Michal Heiman Lahav Halevi, Dov Heller, Eran Volkovsky, Megan Whitmarsh, Eliat Weizman, Rakefet Viner Omer, Uri Zamir Noa Yafe, Chen Cohen, Iva Kafri, Michal Liberman, Assi Meshullam, Avi Nevo, Dana Nechmad, Nir Segal, Hadas Sattת Iris Cintra, Danielle Fischer, Noga Farchy, Piero Cividalli, Yoram Kupermintz, Ruven Kuperman, Talya Shalit, Ester Schneider, Noam Toran 


Art’s range of action is not only physical and visual; more than that, it is a human space of caring, interest, and sensitivity. These characteristics are constantly threatened by the control and power mechanisms of oppressive societies, authoritarian states, and militant religions. Art is the live coal of freedom, enabling and keeping up our ability to be ourselves, either bluntly or subtly. These are the choices expressed in every artist’s work in their creative process – the thematic choices, the methods, the materials, and the means of actualization. However, art is also a thing in the world; as such, it is part of how we organize our mental and physical world.


It may be a part of the existing order but also resist it; it can be a manifestation of the market economy but also exist in alternative ways. It can be a part of an action and of social and political activism. The “Collection’s Protest” exhibition, the sales from which are intended to support civil society organizations, the Movement for Quality Government in Israel, and the Women’s Lobby in an action by Raw-Art Gallery, is an example of how the economic aspect of art as an active, committed platform for a long-term social struggle for civil rights and individual freedom may be understood as part of the effort going on here daily for more than six months. The foundational right of each of us to be who we are and to express ourselves freely with no fear or concern is not a natural right but one acquired through a persistent, determined struggle of many men and women over the centuries. Signing up for this struggle is an urgent need, and we call upon you to participate!



Eran Erlich 







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