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In the Battle Field #2

March 05 - March 21, 2015

Aviv Shechori

Eran Nave

Harel Luz

Sharon Fadida

Tamar Hirschfeld

Tamir Lichtenberg

Experimental Group Project

The participating artists met during their studies at Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem (all graduates of class 2007). Since then they have formed many artistic, musical and romantic collaborations in different arrangements of the group. Upon their graduation they participated in the show "In the Battle Field" in Carmel Gallery in Haifa (curators: Lali Fruheling and Aviv Shechori) and now, eight years after, have reunited for this project in Raw Art Gallery.

They were invited to create a group project in the gallery and use it as an experimental playground. The focus for the project is on the collaborative work of the group members, dissolving conventional definitions of group exhibitions. 

This time the eight artists will create collective works, with every piece being produced by at least two artists. Apart from this principle, the definitions of the project are fluid and changeable – with nothing certain or premeditated other than the members' mutual interest to work together. 


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