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Nir Segal | Meat

January 25 - March 09, 2024

Solo Show: None


Raw Art Gallery is happy to announce the opening of the exhibition 'Meat', Nir Segal's fourth solo exhibition at the gallery.


For the past two years, Nir Segal has been working as a butcher in a local butcher shop in North London, while also working in his studio and raising three young daughters together with Or, his partner.

This exhibition is the result of the encounter (meeting) of the elements in his life.


" 'Mit' in Hebrew, is also part of the word for bed (mita)" Segal says. The bed is a central motif in the exhibition and serves as an anchor to looking at his paintings. The intimate parental bed is expropriated in favor of parenthood. It fills with the tiny but very present bodies of the daughters who inhabit it, or are at its foot, filling up the parents' bedroom. But they're not actually in bed—perhaps they are seeking to find another place for sex and intimacy. So, what is that "part of a bed" of Segal's? Who do these parts belong to? The couple, half a bed each? Or the parents in one part, and the girls in the other. Maybe it’s partly a bed for parenthood, versus a portion for intimacy and sexuality?


Depictions of meat are absent from Segal's images, however, they form the basis for dealing with the sexual, wild, and animalistic meat.


Another series of works depicts long, organic objects resembling male genitalia, enormous fluid-dripping dicks, alongside ovaries, trees, or coral floating in the pictorial space, detached from any basis of soil or body. Due to their sterilization or detachment from the source to which they had been connected, these organisms crystallize into forming a powerful, independent, and new gender-fluid identity. Segal points to the pictorial formation of one of the bodies in this series of works and says, "The body becomes a gesture." He goes on to talk about how all the works in the exhibition were made from memory and imagination and not from a photographed image - "My sexual body has no image; it is what I carry in memory."


From the exhibition text by Dr. Leni Dothan, December 2023



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