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Nir Segal | Two Work

January 28 - March 05, 2016

Solo Show: Nir Segal

Curator: Leah Abir

1. All the Treadmills are Desperate (Gallery Space)
2. The Flat Diamond Café (first floor) 

Nir Segal's solo show marks a pivotal point in his artistic research during the last two years, conducted in the framework of his PhD studies at the Slade, London. The two works exhibited in this show stem from the investigation of one concept – "The Flat Diamond" – which stands at the core of the artist's practice and work in recent years. "The Flat Diamond" is a discursive term that is spread by word of mouth, acquiring meaning and context by its receivers through conversations, actions and hearsay. What exactly is this "Flat Diamond"? The many answers to this question are being accumulated with time, in a process that separates this potential object from its different possible narratives and myths of creation, existence and meaning.

The title of the show, "Two Work," marks a duality inherent in this presentation – two works, two floors, collaboration between two artists and conversations between two people. The first work, All the Treadmills are Desperate, is shown at the gallery's main space in the 4th floor. It was produced, designed and programmed as an invitation for visitors to engage in conversation under specific conditions. Described by Segal as a "conversation machine," this work is the outcome of a collaboration with choreographer and dancer Oded Graf, who is the artistic director of the international "Yossi Berg and Oded Graf Dance Theater." 

The second work, The Flat Diamond Café, is situated at the first floor of the same building. Similarly to "All the Treadmills are Desperate," "The Flat Diamond Café," might also be described as an installation with performative elements. 2 floors beneath the gallery space, Segal designed a small Café named after the thematic enigma of the flat diamond, in which he is hosting visitors throughout the show's opening hours, inviting them for coffee and initiating one-on-one conversations. 

Both works displayed in this exhibition are based on duration and process. They function as visual and conceptual frameworks for a content that is slowly building up in action. They both focus on storytelling techniques and collaborative models, challenging them by introducing different rules and conditions, assigning a big role to the potential or actual actions of the viewer/visitor.

All the Treadmills are Desperate" Performance
Artistic advisor: Oded Graf

Performing artists: Tal Adler Arieli, Yoav Admoni, Tal Alperstein, Eyar Blumberg, Merav Dagan, Raz Gluzmann, Jonathan Ron

Performance schedule:

Saturday, Feb 13, at 12pm 
Saturday, March 5, at 12pm

*Born in 1980, Nir Segal lives and works in London. Currently a PhD candidate
at the Slade School of Fine Art, Segal completed his BA studies in 2008 at the Slade and his MFA Studies in 2012 at the Bezalel Academy. Segal’s solo shows include the National Gallery of Bangkok, Macondo Hoxton Square in London, and The Artist Residence Gallery in Herzliya. Group shows venues include The 3rd Herzelia Biennale, CCA Tel Aviv, Ashdod Museum, Gutman Museum, 
ZZIK Gallery in Munich, The House with the Eye in Büyükada, Turkey, and the Rivington Gallery in London. Segal was awarded an Overseas Research Scholarship and a Graduate Research Scholarship from UCL.

The exhibition is supported by: Maccabee Beer, Energym Sports, Electronit, Retro TLV, The Girls Like Food, Blumenwood, and Espresso Club, Yaya Productions

Sound Design: Shasho


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