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Ruven Kuperman | Forest

March 30 - May 13, 2023

Solo Show: Ruven Kuperman

Ruven Kuperman | Forest


March 30, 2023 – May 13, 2023




The gap between chaos and the void is a movement space; the painting is an object.

A visual sequence is created between the surplus of the image and the emptiness of the space, crossing in its way the distinction between image and presence. The gaze balances weights between color and absence.

The gap between chaos and the void is a space for movement, the painting is a reflection.

The chaos and the void echo one another. The surplus is filling but absence is the coat.

Paint’s fluidity reminds us of the origin of the image. The gaze fixes the obvious but not for long. One painting echoes another, and only the brushstroke directs the flow, dissolving the gap between the possible and the impossible. It flows toward us and is absorbed into the absence, raging or on still waters.

Wide-open maws and windows. The image organizes the uncontrollable. The rhythm is internal and the painting is to the painter what the dancer is to the dance, in both everythis stands on the quality of movement.

The parrot reminds us that we too are a given body.

Nature is banal, it takes a Rubens or a plane crash to tell a story. In the past the original sin was enough. In the beginning there was a jungle.

Beauty is an alternative to order, the painting – to words. The search for a reference is like mountain climbing, it has to do with flexibility and momentum.

The rock is a rock and the painting – a painting.

We bring the body (and the gaze) with us.

If the painting is an object and the space is a realm then the gaze is time and the painting is duration.

The duration of the painting can be split into past and present, and the rest is the unrealized potential between the predator’s pounce and the crash.

It rolls along between Eve and Snow-white, but we shall always remember that Ceci nést pas une pomme (“this is not an apple”).


Dr. Eran Ehrlich


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