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Rabia Salfiti | The Man on the Chair

May 26, 2018, 8:30 pm

Rabia Salfiti

Curator: Leah Abir

Performance in Ruven Kupermas's solo show Assassins

"The Man on the Chair" is a new performance piece by artist Rabia Salfiti (b. 1979 in Shafa-'Amr, lives and works in Haifa). It is a one-time event that will take place in the gallery as part of Ruven Kuperman's solo show, by which it is inspired.

Salfiti's work in photography, installation, performance and video revolves around the different aspects of identity, as well as truth and reality and the relations between an individual and his/her environment. The point of origin of this new work is "Asana" – a word in Sanskrit translatable to English as "postures" and relates to being at ease with one's body. The work demonstrates the way bodily postures reflect our state of mind, while the chair signifies political and class-related power positions.  


Rabia Salfiti (b. 1979 in Shafa-'Amr) lives and works in Haifa. At the age of 19, he took up Interior Design studies in Italy, marking the start of nearly a decade of travelling across Europe before arriving in India, where he studied philosophy. Salfiti completed a B.Ed. in Education and Design, specializing in Photography at WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education. His works have been shown in venues and art exhibitions such as Qalandiya International Biennial, Beit Hagefen in Haifa, and Sommer Contemporary Art Gallery in Tel Aviv.


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